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  • website update

Benefits of Regular upkeep of your website

Drives new and more traffic

Fresh and current information is an essential requirement to keep engaged your returning customers as well as attracting new visitors to your website. No doubt, visitors will jump off your website if the content on your site is outdated and stale. Synchronous updation of your content can also be shared on social media and other marketing sources.

Search Engine Ranking is improved

The search engine bots indexes new and fresh content more higher than the outdated and repeated content.Regular updations not only allows the search engines algorithm to cache your site at regular intervals but it also help your website to rank higher.

Retain Existing Customers

An uptodate and right information always retain your existing customers. New and correct information allows them to bookmark and share your content. Their frequent visits will be increased and your business will build a loyal audience.

We offer setup, email support and support management for websites. We’ve created website maintenance plans that works for most people. Our Management Plan encompass a blend of these service.

  • Web Hosting Management With Support
  • Domain Renewals, Acquisitions And Management
  • SSL Certificates For Security & Gaining Customer’s Confidence
  • Our service are just a call away, we do website fixes, maintenance and much more
  • We do daily backups so that you never lose data in case of any technical crisis.
  • We scan, find and remove security threats to your site to stop malware and malicious hackers.
  • We provide constant security patches and updates for your site's software
  • Ecommerce Store Maintenance

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